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We firmly believe that primary health care is an absolute pre-requisite for sustainable socio-economic development. Our health care initiatives are spread over all the four Provinces. A large population benefits from our health care initiatives nation-wide. Free healthcare services are provided to the inhabitants of operational areas where the Company carries out its E&P activities. Keeping in view the increasing attendance of patients in these dispensaries, OGDCL has enhanced funds for medicines. Services of lady doctors are hired to provide maternity and healthcare services to female patients. Along with education, OGDCL has identified health care as a key initiative for the Company’s CSR activities.
Purchase of Fully Equipped Ambulances
On request of local Administration and Health Authorities of District Ghotki and District Sanghar, OGDCL Paramedic service purchased 02 fully equipped ambulances to provide treatment to local community those in need of urgent medical care, or arranging for timely removal of the patients to the next point of definitive care. Ambulances were handed over to Taluka Hospital Daharki, District Ghotki and Taluka Hospital Tando Adam, District Sanghar.

Social Welfare Dispensaries

During the years 2015-16 and 2016-17, OGDCL established 03 social welfare dispensaries at District Jehlum , Sanghar and Tando Allah Yar to ease the health problems of locals residing in and around OGDCL’s operational areas.

Social Welfare Dispensary was also constructed at Chak Naurang during the year 2013-14, with an objective to provide best health facility to local community.

Healthcare Projects Carried out in Past
Diabetes mellitus is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. It is associated with the high rates of hospitalization, blindness, renal failure and non traumatic amputations. The prevalence rate of diabetes is very high and there is an alarming increase in the global burden worldwide. WHO projects this rise from 135 to 300 million (122%) by the year 2025. The developing countries shall be facing a larger burden of disease with the projected rise from 84 to 228 million (170%). The reasons for this increase are many including urbanization, industrialization, sedentary life style, obesity unhealthy diet, aging population, genetics etc. hence there is a need to educate the population and health care providers regarding diabetes as this will ultimately serve as the best hope in controlling the disease and its complications.
The medical services department of OGDCL in collaboration with CSR department, Admin department and Production department arranged a one day public awareness camp on screening and prevention of diabetes at Fimkassar Oil Field. Highnoon Pharma and Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical actively participated in the activities in the camp in the form of screening and patient education and awareness. The aims of the camp were: Screening of the people to pick un-diagnosed cases and pre diabetics. Screening for retinopathy and neuropathy in uncontrolled and newly diagnosed cases. To educate the public about the complications of diabetes and their prevention. Significant stress on patient education regarding life style modification and dietary advice.
Manager, Medical Services Department emphasized upon the general public for adopting healthy dietary habits and exercise as these are the key factors in prevention and control of disease. She informed that obesity and stress along with inactive life style are the key factors in disease development. She further added that the task of fight against diabetes is challenging and OGDCL Medical Services Department will continue its efforts in this area.
The camps for Free Eye treatment were held in 2013-14 at 13 different locations of Sindh and Punjab i.e (Qadirpur, Sinjhor,Tando Alam, Hundi/Sari, Kunner, Bobi, Kot Adu, Dhodak, Fimkassar, Rajian, Nandpur, Sadqal and Kallar Syedan) where there is not an easy access to doctors or healthcare facilities. During this 9,313 patients in OPD were attended. Vision glasses were distributed among 4,778 patients and 1,352 patients were operated. The foldable IOL surgery was applied to 560 patients.  The eye camp was launched at a cost of Rs. 9.083 million.
In the month of June, 2014 OGDCL completed free eye camps at 03 locations i.e Nashpa, Chanda and Kohat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. During the eye camp 1,527 free vision glasses were distributed among the patients and 196 patients were operated with rigid surgery. The foldable surgery was applied to 157 patients of referred areas. 
The company has spent an amount of Rs. 0.163 million for holding a medical camp for Hepatitis “B” vaccination to the locals of the area of Kalchas Concession area. One thousand patients were treated through blood screening and vaccination
The Social Welfare Dispensary at Chak Naurang has been constructed at an estimated cost Rs. 3.359 million. To make it functional free medicines, services of Doctor and Paramedical staff will be hired to ease the health problems of locals residing around Chak Naurang field  
The Company provided medicines worth Rs.1.400 million to the Mother & Child Care Center, at Ghotki . Chief Guest was Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, MPA Ghotki who appreciated the contribution and efforts of OGDCL for providing basic facilities to poor / local community in Ghotki in health care and desired to be continued in future. Notables, Health and Education department officials greatly appreciated the donation on behalf of OGDCL
A Tuberculosis Clinic was established in the vicinity of Tando Alam Oil Complex in 1994. A large number of patients receive free treatment every year. This includes medicines and professional advice.
The clinic has the highest rate of cure in the region. Treatment is provided under the supervision of a chest specialist deputed by the Government of Sindh. The Company spends a huge amount each year on free medicines for tuberculosis patient.