Geological Services >> Mud Logging Services

Mud Logging Department functions as a part of Geological Services division of Exploration Directorate. 
  • State of the art 13 Mud Logging Units.
  • Comprehensive choice of measurements.
  • Variety of online & offline display.
  • Several data acquisition and data transfer options
  • .Rugged/Robust and reliable sensors with sensitive and accurate instrumentation.
  • Rapid deployment capability and flash mob. & de-mob.
  • Very strong back-up supply and maintenance.

Track record of trouble free operations with practically negligible down time

Human Resource 
  • Latest equipment is just never enough.  No matter how sensitive and accurate system is deployed, dependable results cannot be achieved without professional expertise to interpret and intelligently process the acquired data within short time.
  • OGDCL’s Mud Logging Services Department has a pool of highly qualified and experienced Geologists and Engineers to assist the decision making process to control, evaluate and if need be, foresee and prevent drilling problems.
  • OGDCL Mud Logging Professionals have 5 to 33 years experience. 
  • OGDCL Mud Logging Professionals have also worked as service providers for local and foreign oil companies.

Equipment & Services
  • The advance data acquisition and processing system provides real time monitoring and analysis of drilling, engineering and geological data. Simultaneous access to a comprehensive offline library of application programs to assist in drilling optimization and cost control, maintaining effective safety.
  • OGDCL Mud Logging units provide vast choice of measurements. The modular design concept enables each system to be configured to provide a service level most appropriate to the requirement of your drilling program. Thus a complete range and variety of sensors and other equipment starting from basic Mud Logging to latest on-line series is available