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OGDCL Farm Out
Pakistan is strategically located within the south East Asian region and has a large sedimentary basin covering over 827,000 Sq. Km, spread over both
onshore and offshore. Most of these sedimentary basins remain unexplored or under explored, thereby providing ideal investment opportunities to E&P companies.
Pakistan, in addition to the remaining conventional reserves of 23 TCF gas and 286 Million Barrels oil has been blessed with technically recoverable shale gas reserves of 105 TCF and Shale Oil reserves of 9.1 Billion barrels (Source: US-EIA). Pakistan also has a large offshore basin which remains under explored. The Indus offshore is the second largest submarine fan system in the world and analogous to the prolific oil and gas producing Niger, Mahakam and Nile delta. Currently 27 E&P companies are actively operating in different blocks in Pakistan. Recently, 50 new blocks have been awarded to different E&P Companies.


OGDCL has attained the status of a Pakistan's flagship E&P Company. It is a blue-chip company presently listed not only on all three stock exchanges of Pakistan but also on the London Stock Exchange. OGDCL as the national oil company has been in the fore-front in these activities.

Total exploration acreage of the Company is 104,383 sq. km and total number of blocks is 53. OGOCL as per its strategic vision has set a target of 25 wells for the year 2017-18. On the production front, the Company is vigorously working to enhance its contribution of oil and gas to the national grid by expediting completion of on-going development projects on a fast-track basis, which on completion, will further enhance its production by 359 MMscfd of gas and 6720 bpd of oil. Currently, the Company is also actively involved in evaluation of different over-seas exploration blocks for farm-in/farm-out opportunities and swap option to acquire oil reserves in the domestic and international markets.

OGDCL's current annual turnover is 1.56 billion US dollars. The Company has contributed more than 0.78 US billion dollars to the national exchequer during 2015-16. OGOCL has made 115 oil and gas discoveries since inception with a success ratio of 1:2.70 which is by far more favorable than the world average of 1:10. There are a number of areas where we can collaborate through farm-in and farm-out opportunities, transfer of technology, capacity building, and development of offshore blocks besides exploring opportunities for Shale & Tight gas.

We hope that this brochure will provide a quick review of the E&P Opportunities available within OGOCL and would form basis for a long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship with our prospective Joint Venture partners within and outside Pakistan.