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 Wireline Logging Department functions as a part of Geological Services division of Exploration Directorate. The Department has been rendering open hole, cased hole, perforating, completion and data processing services to OGDCL.
Equipment & Services
OGDCL Wireline Logging offers wide range of advanced well logging services utilizing latest state of the art equipment for almost every environment including:
  • Formation Evaluation.
  • Cement Evaluation.
  • Perforating and Completion Services.
  • Log processing and data management.
Data Acquisition System
OGDCL Wireline Logging Units are equipped with top of the line Baker Atlas (USA) ECLIPS-5700 S and Warrior Logging system to ensure high quality data acquisition / processing
  • Full recording of all instrument data from the raw tool signal to fully processed curves.
  • Optimized instrument operation in combination tool strings through multiple sampling rates for sensors.
  • Quality control through visual confirmation of all calibration values, verification values and measurement processed data. 
  • Real time quality control of spectral and acoustic services through information displays for raw and processed data.
  • Real time acoustic semblance correlation.
  • Real time environmental corrections.
  • Ability to handle new-generation data-intensive services and multiple service combinations.
Log Data Processing and Archiving System
Petrolog Software possessed by OGDCL is an interactive log data processing / Data management software package. It is the most user friendly package having extensive data management and graphic capabilities
  • Log Analysis.
  • Log Data Processing
  • Data Format Conversion.
  • Log Graphics
  • Multi Well Plotting.
  • Log Data Archiving .
  • Data Manipulation.


Open Hole Services  

Dual Latero Log.
•RT Explorer (RTEX)
•Micro Latero Log.
•Dual Induction Focused Log.
•Digital Acoustic Log.
•Compensated Neutron Log.
•Dual Spectrum Z Density Log.
•Gamma Ray.
•Spectra Log.
•  4-Arm Caliper Log.
•  3-Arm Caliper Log.


Cased Hole Services 

HSD Perforating.
Completion Services
Cement Bond Log.

 Human Resource 
  • OGDCL Wireline Logging Department has a highly qualified and experienced team of foreign trained professionals who can undertake and supervise all kind of Wireline logging & data processing services.


Health, Safety and Environment
Health, Safety and Environment issues are assigned the highest priority in OGDCL logging operations. Comprehensive training programs perpetually educate field crew in safety procedures and safe handling of hazardous materials as per instructions of regulatory body.