Corporate Information


OGDCL’s under a forward-looking management foresees the organization as not only the leading E&P Company of the country, but also as a company known for its people, partnerships and performance in the region. The Company continued with its strategies of accelerating oil and gas exploration, adding to its reserves, early development of newly discovered fields and strengthening of its oil and gas production base in order to enhance indigenous production of the country and create value for its shareholders

Human Resources

During the last 5 decades, the Corporation has grown into a technically feasible and commercially viable organization. It has developed a highly qualified pool of professionals who can undertake and supervise almost all phases of oil and gas exploration and production starting from preliminary geological surveys and culminating in the operation of oil and gas processing plants

Equipment Base

In order to execute the exploratory and development programmes, OGDCL has also developed a sound equipment and operational base which includes drilling rigs, Workover rigs,  Geological Field Party, Seismic parties, Engineering Field Parties, Gas Gathering and Pipeline Construction Party, Seismic Data Processing Centre, Geological Analysis Laboratory, Wireline Logging Unit, Cementing Units and Data Logging Unit.

Good Governance

Initiatives have and are being taken to effectively establish Good Governance practices through:

  • Introduction of Code of Ethics and Business Practices.
  • Merit - driven hiring
  • Performance - driven promotions and appraisals.
  • Strict adherence to laid-down rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Development of Policy Statements in the areas of Marketing, CSR, Risk Management, etc, as a part of its business principles.

Business Development

 Initiatives have been taken to enhance OGDCL’s business canvas. OGDCL will avail opportunities, to acquire overseas acreage by buying stakes in existing viable producing fields. OGDCL is also looking into the possibility of E&P opportunities and joint venture collaborations outside Pakistan, which would include swap of assets for reserves acquisition with percentage of working interest in international market. 

OGDCL with an aggressive business development strategy provides an enabling environment for foreign participation (either as a JV partner or on a stand-alone basis). The Company is also aiming at fast-track development of its current and future projects at an aggressive pace without compromising quality and transparency.

Corporate Information

Status of the Company: Large Scale Public Sector Company
Incorporation Structure Listed Public Limited Company
Nature of Business Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas
Administrative Ministry Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division)


Registered Office

OGDCL House, Plot No.3, F-6 / G-6,
Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Telephone:- + 92-51-9209811-8
Fax:- +92-51-9209804-6, 9209708

Company Registration No. – CUIN 0038403

Company National Tax No – 0787223-2

Sale Tax Registration No. – 0702280200155

Name of Auditor of the Company

  • M/s KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co., Chartered Accountants
  • and M/s A.F. Ferguson & Co., Chartered Accountants
Name of Tax Advisor

  • M/s A.F. Ferguson & Co., Chartered Accountants
Name of Legal Advisor

  • M/s Khokhar Law Chambers
Name of Share Registrar

  • M/s Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited.
Share Registrar Department 

CDC House,99-B, Block-B, S.M.C.H.S.
Main Shahrah-e-Faisal
Phone: 0800-CDCPL (23275) Fax: (92-21) 34326053 
Email: Website:
Detail of Associated Company

Mari Petroleum Company Limited. Head Office, 21,
Mauve Area, 3rd Road, G-10/4, P.O. Box 1614,
Tel:(+92) 051 111-410-410
Fax: (+92) 051 2352859
Website Link:


  • PIP (Petroleum Institute of Pakistan)
  • PPEPCA (Pakistan Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies Association)
  • MAP (Management Association of Pakistan)
  • SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers)
  • PAPG (Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientist)
  • PICG (Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance)
  • ICCI (Islamabad Chamber Of Commerce And Industry)


  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiative Award (2023)
  • 14th NFEH CSR Awards 2022
  • 11th TPN CSR award 2022
  • 14th Corporate Philanthropy award 2020
  • GDIB Progressive Award
  • NFEH CSR Award 2019
  • Corporate Philanthropy Award 2018
  • Corporate Responsibility Award 2018
  • Best Environment, Health & Safety Initiative Award 2018
  • Corporate Philanthropy Award 2017
  • CSR Award 2016
  • Award of Certificate of Excellence by MAP
  • 6TH Fire and Safety Award
  • Best Corporate & Sustainability Report Award 2015
  • 7th International CSR Award 2015
  • SAFA Award for Best Presented Annual Report 2015
  • 30th Corporate Excellence Award 2014
  • 29th Corporation Excellence Award (MPG) 2013
  • CSR Business Excellence Award 2013
  • Environment Excellence Award 2008-2013
  • Best Corporate Reports Awards 2007-2012