OGTI training complex comprises the main four-storey building, the mechanical workshop and the hostel. The offices, classrooms, auditorium, library, corrosion laboratory, advance and basic instrumentation laboratory, production laboratory, process laboratory and electrical laboratory, cafeteria are situated on the ground, first and second floors of the main building.

Class Rooms

There are five specious class rooms on the first and second floors, each with a seating capacity for thirty students and equipped with a video player and monitor, overhead projector and pull down screen, while board, and flip-paper boards. Equipment for 35-mm slide-tape projection and multimedia projection is also available.


The auditorium, situated at the east end of the second floor, has a spacious, raised stage and comfortable terraced seating capacity for 120 people. It is equipped with hi-fi-sound system, a large projection screen and a multimedia projector. Other available provisions are overhead 35-mm slide and 16-mm movie projection systems, together with all necessary training aids. The auditorium is centrally air conditioned. It is ideally suited for seminars and lectures.

OGTI Laboratories

Production Lab



In production training a package of basic courses is available for new inductees like Basic Production Engineering, Surface Facilities, Well Testing, Well Completions, Natural Gas Processing and Instrumentation.

Advance courses are also offered in the areas of Flowing Well Performance, Sucker Rod Pumping, Reserves Determination, Hydraulic Jet Pumping, Gas Lift, Fluid Properties, Petroleum Economics, Corrosion Engineering and Material Sciences etc.

An excellent production laboratory with practical hands on application facility supplements the class room training. Miscellaneous equipments facilitate experiments in Fluid Mechanics, Flow Measurement, Gauge Calibration, Fluid Properties Determination and Unit Operations.

Mechanical Lab

The objective for setting up this lab was to change the mechanical training courses for trainees from mostly theoretical to practical. This is in line with the general philosophy of OGTI. The duration of the courses has been increased to give the trainees more time for hands-on training under the guidance of the Instructor. The workshop is equipped with hand tools and diagnostic equipment. Students are given an opportunity to work on many of the tools that are actually used on drilling rigs.

The available courses provide the participants a thorough knowledge of diesel engine and rig equipment operating procedures. The theory includes principles involved in four stroke diesel engines, identification of various engine components, service and over hauling procedures, along with machine practices that are required during engine reconditioning. The shop work permits students to dismantle, inspect, measure and assemble a diesel engine.

Computer Lab

Present OGTI has two computer laboratories. Each lab has 12 desktop personal computers and other teaching aids, enabling OGTI to accommodate 24 participants at a time. One lab has recently upgraded with Pentium IV processor based PCs, connected via network for sharing information and resources, resulting in distributed databases and data processing facilities.

OGTI provide basic and advanced training in software packages, software development, hardware, network design and management, database design and management, systems analysis, computers in technical fields, like Computer Aided Designing, Project Management, Risk Analysis, Computer Aided Mapping and Interpretations.

OGTI offers a range of computer courses from the preliminary Introduction of DOS and Microcomputers to the advanced networking and software development courses. Special courses can be arranged on demand.

OGTI Library

An air conditioned computerized library is located on the first floor of the main building. It is well equipped with the latest reference books, journals, and periodicals. The library contains more than 6000 books related to the oil industry. The main OGTI’s technical library collection covers multifarious subjects like: Geology, Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering, Process Engineering,Chemistry, Physics, Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Health, Safety, Environment, Medical, Management, Accounting, and Information Technology. The library continues to acquire latest books and periodicals every year.

This is the largest petroleum library in Pakistan. There is a reading area and a small adjoining conference room suitable for arranging small meetings. Next door to the library, is the Audio Visual Library and equipment storage facility. OGTI has more than 300 audio visual programs (prepared by AAPG, IHRDC, PETEX, Gulf and Shell) related to the oil & gas industry. These video cassettes and slide tape programmes are used extensively in lectures, courses and seminars.

A photocopying and book binding facility is available in the audio visual library.