HSE Performance

The safety of the oil and gas industry is high on the agenda across the world and some significant incidents such as the spill in the Gulf of Mexico simply further highlighted this fact. It is clear to the average person that the industry is high-hazard and that there is real potential for loss of life. Since for many years, OGDCL has continued its operations without any fatality, while loss to assets and major injuries also fell. This shows an overall downward trend. All the improved statistics just didn’t happen overnight; there have been some grave professional endeavors that initiated over the years. To begin with, Toolbox talks – 'instant' programs have been introduced (designed & developed) to bring HSE culture into our working environment all across the operating fields. Instead of lengthy, somewhat rigid formal training sessions, employees now take part in a 10-15 minute relaxed safety briefing as these talks regularly take place directly in the workplace, whether it be a process, production, maintenance area or at a construction site. Another is TOP HSE Initiative Program based on DuPont’s STOP which got implemented at all major processing plants Qadirpur, Uch, Bobi, Kunnar, TOC, Dakhni, Nashpa, Chanda/ Mela, Drilling Rigs, and Seismic Parties through conducting onsite behavior-based orientation sessions using total internal resources.