HSE Trainings, Monitoring, ER Planning & Awareness


  • HSE MONITORING & MEASUREMENT at OGDCL include both proactive and reactive monitoring based on the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. For each parameter/ characteristic to be monitored, a) the measurement or test method (Reference Standard); b) frequency of measurement; c) sample point for that parameter; d) acceptance criteria; e) responsibility for measurement; and f) measurement apparatus are determined. The monitoring activities, frequencies and responsibilities for the HSE Monitoring Plans are set in the light of regulatory requirements and standards. Furthermore, inspection plans and checklists (or templates) are established to observe and document the status observed during the monitoring and measurement.
  • We strongly believe that HSE TRAINING IS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST ACCIDENTS. The company has adopted a systematic and pro-active behavioral program that provides appropriate HSE training and encourages participation of all employees to safely perform their duties with the objective of preventing occupational injuries, illness, losses due to accidents, and protection of environment.
  • EARLY DETECTION OF EMERGENCY OR DISASTER SITUATIONS is essential in minimizing injury to personnel and property damage. We ensure that Emergency Response Plans for any disaster effectively minimize confusion and reaction time and for that we provide specific ER document for each location.
  • The health and safety is managed through a HIERARCHY OF CONTROLS which involves: Eliminating the hazard through proper design; substituting materials or processes through a less hazardous alternative; redesigning the equipment or the workplace; separating the hazard by guarding or enclosing it; administrative controls with trainings, HazCom, etc.; and providing proper personal protective equipment .
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH OF THE EMPLOYEES and residents of the areas where OGDCL operates is of prime importance and all measures are taken to safeguard the health of the employees as well as the nearby residents. OGDCL observed the health of villagers living close to our projects or involved in the projects by any means. As a proactive approach all engineering measures are taken to avoid any harmful effects of any activity on people and all administrative controls are applied simultaneously; however as a last resort, requisite personal protective equipment are provided to all the employees who might have affected due to the routine or contingent operations or jobs.
  • HSE AWARENESS EVENTS are arranged at all major operating fields/ processing plants as a regular corporate feature to promote best HSE practices and provide better communication opportunities to the field personnel on the issues of work and safety.
  • As an umbrella function (for the sake of counter-checking), INTERNAL HSE AUDITS (cross functional) are carried out to determine whether the HSE system at our major operating fields a) conforms to the planned arrangements (controlling and minimizing the significant HSE impacts & risks); b) has been properly implemented & maintained; c) is effective in meeting the organizational policy & objectives and d) is timely providing feedback to management of the results of such formal audits. The Internal HSE Auditors are selected from different organizational functions based on their experience and professional skills.

Our HSE PERFORMANCE based on leading as well as lagging indicators is also analyzed on regular basis and reported to management for subsequent decision making like investment on operational controls, trainings & awareness workshops, and viable opportunities