Reservoir Management Department

Reservoir Management Department serves as a bridge between Exploration and Production domains of the company. The department was established in 1988 with an objective to evolve an oil and gas discovery into a full-fledged producing field by planning/designing, monitoring and managing the development wells to optimize hydrocarbon recovery rates and minimize the capital investments and operating cost. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) played an important role in the formulation and training of professionals of this department.

Starting with the acquisition of Development and Production Lease, this inter-disciplinary department is responsible to evaluate hydrocarbon reserves and undertake its Economic viability, recommend development wells, maintain oil and gas production through implementation of innovative and modern techniques, design Workovers and Enhanced Oil Recovery schemes for depleting reservoirs and to work in close coordination with other departments till the decommissioning of the field.

The department generates and updates Static and Dynamic reservoir models using geological/petrophysical and production/pressure data respectively. RMD also conducts Reserves Certification Study, through third party consultants, which provides key figures to update company’s monitory health in stock exchange listing. RMD professionals also monitor and actively participate in exploration, development and reservoir management of all non-operated joint venture fields.

Reservoir Management Department is divided into five main divisions namely Development Geology, Reservoir Monitoring, Petrophysics, Workovers/EOR/Reservoir Study and Reserves Evaluation.

All divisions are headed by a Manager and their professionals work very closely and in an integrated manner.